Moses Sleeper's Diary
Diary of a Revolutionary War Soldier

Transcribed by Frances Dickerson Ackerly from the original in the Longfellow National Historic Site archives. Transcription is literal with original spelling and order on the page. The first six pages are missing; the first real entry is for June 10, 1775. The journal ends abruptly on September 7, 1776. The last three blank pages of the notebook are missing.

The diary may be divided into two parts:

Part I Siege of Boston: June 10, 1775 to March 31, 1776
Part II The Battle of New York: April 1, 1776 to September 7, 1776

Saturday 1017750610
Nothing Remark

DATING THE ENTRIES: The diarist typically gives the day of the week and the date in the month without indicating which month or year. This entry "Saturday 10" is for Saturday, June 10, 1775. As an aid to the reader we provide the complete date for each entry in an eight digit numerical code in the right hand margin. Our software constrains us to use the following format for June 10, 1775: 17750610.

[no entry]

[no entry]

Tuesday 13 (sic) [=Tuesday 14]17750613
Cap Abner G[?] and Cpt. M Rogers Came
to the Camps

Wedn 1417750614
Some Ships
& transports arived at Boston with
200 horfe and 3000 troops

Thirsday 1517750615
Mr. Huse Came to Cambridge

Friday 1617750616

our Men went to Charlestown and
Intrenched on a hill beyond Bunker
hill they fired from the Ships and Coops
hill all the time

Saturday 17 177517750617

the Regulars Came out upon the Back
of Charlestown and Set fire to It
burnt It down Came to our Entrenen[?]
& forced It with the Lofs 896 of
the Regulars and about 50 of ours
The fire began at 3 o Clock and held
till 6

Sund 1817750618

we Entrinched on
prospect hill alarmed that the
Regulars were advancing towards
Our Entrencment but found It to
be false Returned to Quarters

Mondy 1917750619
Wee killed Some of there Guard

T 2017750620
Went upon Picquet

W 2117750621
past musters

Thirsday 2217750622
Received our month pay

F 2317750623
Moved from Mrs. Watsons house to
Prospect hill

Saturday 2417750624
Nothing Remarkable

Sund 2517750625

heard the
Rev Mr. Cleavern preach from Joshua
22 Ch 22 Verfe

Mond 2617750626
[no entry]

T 2717750627
[no entry]

Wednesday 2817750628

fired the morning Gun at
Day Light this day 5 of Coll Doot[il?]
Reg broke out with the Smallpoxe
Near our tents at about Sun Set it
begun to Rain after a very dry time W

Thirsday 2917750629
Nothing Remark

friday 3017750630
General Orders for none
to leave the Camps

Sat July 117750701
the Ship fired at Some of our people
In a Swiming

Sunday 217750702
the Gageites fired upon our people
At Roxbury and hove a number of
Carcafes* and bums but did no damage
Only burnt one house In the Afternoon
Rain till Knight General Washington
Came In to the Camps
"Carcass - a hollow case or shell filled with combustables and thrown from a mortar or howitzer and ordinarily used to set fire to buildings, ships, or fortifications." Websters Third New International Dictionary (1986)

Monday July 317750703

turned out Early In the
Morning Got in Redinefs to Recieve
the General New Orders Given out
by General Washington

Tuesday 417750704

pleasent In the morning [?] In
Afternoon heard that the Regulars
ware Coming out at night Sent of
a party to Entrench on Leachmores point
Which they did and Returned Before

Wednesday July 517750705

Still all day
Alarmed at night and Layd on our
Arms all night

Th 617750706
all well

July 717750707

paraded Early in the morning
heard prayers and false alarm at night

Satuday Ju 817750708

alarmed Early in
the morning by our peoples Setting the
Regular Guard house on fire burnt
3 and killed 4 Regulars

Sund 917750709

Still attended public worship In the
After noon a Soldier was whipd 20
Lashes for Striking his Officers he
belongd to Coll Nixons Regmt

July 1017750710

burnt two or three houses at Roxbury
that the Regulars keep for Guardhouses
Very hot all day and dry

Ju 1117750711

See the fire at Roxbury this morning
Very hot this forenoon afternoon a fine
Shower very Sharp Lightning and a
heavy thunder the Same Day our
people took from Long Island In boston
Bay fifteen prisoners and one of them
primas hoyt Likewise 19 head of Cattle
and 100 Sheep and killd a number of hogs
With the Lofs of only one man

July 1217750712
very warm all Day all is

T 1317750713
the Same

Friday July 1417750714

New orders one man killed at Roxbury
with a Cannon ball

Saturday 1517750715
New orders Read to the Company

Sunday 16 July17750716

turnd out at Gun
fire in the morning Mr. C. Prachd
from Judges 5 C 23 Verse

Monday 1717750717

a Small Shower of Rain fore noon
Afternoon a heavy Shower of Rain
and heavy thunder and Lightning

Tuesday July th 18 177517750718

this morning a manefisto from the
Grand Continental Congrefs was
Read by the Revd Mr. Leonard
Chaplain to the Conneticut forces
Upon Prospect hill In Charlestown
Our Standard was presented in the
midst of 10 thousand troops with
In Scription upon it Apeal to heaven
After which mr. Leonard made
a Short prayer and then were
Difmisd by the discharge of a
Cannon and 3 Chears and a
Cahoop by the Indians Capt Der[by?]
Arived with our packet from Englan
and went to the Congrefs

Wednesday July 19, 177517750719
Nothing New

Thirsday 2017750720

fast day Pleasant Weather our people
Burnt Boston Lighthouse Early this
Morning heard the Rd. M Chavers
Preach from Psalm 50 15 Verse After
noon Ecclesiastes 7 & 8 V Wee heard
that our people killd six Regulars
at Roxbury with a Cannon Ball
but found It to be false took five
Presioners at the Light house

July 21 177517750721
all Is well

Saturday 2217750722
Nothing new

Sunday 23 July17750723
Went upon Guard

Monday July 2417750724
Pleafant weaher
Nothing Remarkable

Tuesday 2517750725

one of th Regular Grenadiers Deferted
and Came to our Centuries two
Regiments Came here from
Roxbury belonging to Rhodeisland

Wednesday 2617750726

New Orders that no
Man fire a Gun two Regulars
Deferted and Came to our Centuries

Thirsday 2717750727
Nothing New

fryday 2817750728

An Accident hapned a Gun went
of and wounded two of the Rhode
Island Troops

July 2917750729
the most of our Regt went on Guard

Sunday Jul 3017750730

Last night at 12
o Clock a party of Riflemen went
and took the Regulars Centuries
kild 7 & took 2 they took but one
of ours
betwixd 12 & 1 Our Camps were
Alarmed and paraded up In our
Lines & wated for orders to go & Stop
the Regulars from Intrenching but
the General thought not fit to Go

Monday July 31 177517750731

Last night
at ten [two?] o Clock we ware alarmd &
Ordered Imediately to marh up to our
Lines but Soon ordered Back turned
In at one o Clock another alarm
by the Cry of turn out for God Sak
turn out we paraded again and
Mand our Lines and then Remaind
Untill Sun Rise a Continual fire
all the time we killd a number
of them at the Same time they
were engaged at Roxbury with
Small arms the Regulars Set fire
to a house and Barn In Roxbury
and hove two bum Shells
the Same night our people Set
fire to the new Light house about
8 hundred of our people went
and took and killd all upon the
Island killd 15 took 25 [marines?]
& 7 tories this Day two of our men
were killed by a Cannon Ball from
Bunkers hill they kept a Continual
fire all Day from the hill and
floating Batteries at about 4 o Clock
they Sent out a flagg of truce
Defiring a Sefsation of Arms for three
Days but It was not Granted
betwen Sun Set and dark our people
killd 14 of the Regulars which
Came out In Search of Their Dead

Tuesday Augus 1 177517750801

Given to fire any time this Day
Raised the mast that Came
out of the Schooner

that was burnt at Chelsa for to
hoist our flagg upon In the
fort upon prospect hill In
Charlestown 76 feet high

August the 217750802

this day dind with
Brother John It being his Birth
Day and 21 years old thirsday

Aug. 317750803
Some firing upon both
Sides with Small arms

friday August the 417750804

Mifs montgonery
Came Into the Camps the Regulars
hald up another Ship Back of
Boston Common

Satur 517750805
Remarks this Day

Sunday A 617750806

In the Afternoon the Regulars
Went from Bunkers hill In a
Barge and set fire to a house
at peny ferry

Our people werre alarmd by
the Beat of the Drums Broth
Wyatt & I was a Going to See
Montg and Sister Cate but turnd
Back again and Stayd
While the firing was over &
then went up to whetherbys &
Drank Coffee with Capt Lunt
& Wife Let Montgoney & Wife
& then went to our Camps

August 717750807

a Court martial upon
P Tracy found Guilty his punishmtn
Was to ride a wooden horfe 20 Mint

Tuesday A 817750808

300 hundred Rifle
Men Come Into the Camps killd
a number of Regulars firing upon
both Sides

Wednesday 917750809

Cate Left the Camps

Yestard a Vesel from the W India
Came into Cape ann beset by
a Cutter and Barges from The
Lively Man of war but by the
help of God and the Dexterity
of the people beat them of the
Schooner & took 25 presioners with
the Master & 7 of our men

Thirsday Aug 1017750810

In the morn Cloudy
In the Afternoon a Great plenty
of Rain

Friday August 1117750811
All peace and Quetnefs

Saturday Aug 1217750812
pleasant weather at night a
fine Shower

Sunday August 1317750813

Regulars Deserted from Bunker
hill a Crost mistick River

Monday Aug 14 177517750814
No Remarks to Day

Tuesday Aug 1517750815

Some firing upon both Sides one
Man wounded by a Bum one of
our own people killd by our

Wednesday Aug 1617750816
[no entry]

Thirsday Aug 17 177517750817
fine weather

Friday aug 1817750818
a heavy Shower
in the Afternoon

Saturday August 1917750819
All is well

Sunday Augu 2017750820
the whole
Brigade mustered and mand
the Lines

Monday aug 2117750821
Pleafant for the Season

Tuesday Augst 2217750822

Verry hot weather all still Lunt
Wattimore And Wife Came into

the Camps to Day

Wednesd Augut 2317750823
Verry warm weather

Thirsday August 2417750824
very hot
No Remark to day

Friday 2517750825

In the Afternoon
thrie men Come from the floating
Battery at Bunkers hill

Saturday august 2617750826

In the morning at night 2500
hundred men went down to Charlestown
upon plowd hill and hove up
an Entrenchment

Sunday Augast 27 177517750827

as Soon as the
Enemy saw our Brestworks they
playd upon our people with their
Cannon from Bunkers hill &
the floating Batteries killd 2 of
our men one adjutant man found

belonging to Coll Varnhans Regt
And wounded one Rifle man so that
he was oblige'd to have his Leg Cut
of a number of the Regulars was
killd by our Lower Centuries

Monday Augut 2817750828

Last night
we had a verry Smart Shower of
Rain Attended with Uncommon
hard thunder and Sharp Lightning
It began between 11 & 12 o Clock &
Lasted about 3 1/2 hours this morning
pleafant but some Clouds after
the Rain Some Cannon fired at
Bunkers hill killd one of the
Rhode Island men with a Cannon
Shot and Wounded Bob Martial
one of Capt Lunts men at night
hove 3 bumb Shells but did no

Tuesday 2917750829

went up our
Alarm post at Break of Day
Returned at Sun rise Cloudy this
Morning at 7 o Clock Come on
Stormy Wind a N E Raind very
hard at night the Regulars hove
Eight bumb Shells but did no

Wednesday august 3017750830

Stormy all day wind at NE
Some Cannon fired from bunkers
hill at night had 4 bumb Shells
hove to plowd hill

Thursday Aug 3117750831

Stormy all day
Wind at NE Some firing upon
both sides

Friday Sept 117750901

Last night a number of Cannon
was fired at Roxbury and Small

Stormy all Day wind at NE
a Great number of Small arms
fired at the Lower Centuries upon
both Sides one man wounded at
plowd hill and two killd at
Roxbury with a Cannon ball
two Regulars Deserted from boston

Saturday Sept 2 177517750902

this morning then pleasant & very
warm after a tedious Storm Cloudy
Afternoon Lieut Brown & I went
a Guning this afternoon killd one
pigeon after that went to mistick
and drank a pint of wine & as we
was a Coming to our Camps
now Saw two bumb Shells
that brook In the Air they hove
Several but did no Damage

Sunday Sept 3 177517750903

all Day Wind at NE one
Carcafs and a Shell hove to

Monday Sep 417750904

Cloudy dull weather this morning
Some Cannon and Small arms
fired from the Gageites and Some
Bums hovd

Tuesday Sep 517750905

Pleasant weather after a Long
Storm at night went upon Guard
Very Cool night all Still took 3
horses from the Regulars in
Charleston Common

Wedmesday Sept 617750906
Come of Guard from plowd
hill at night all Still

Thirsday Sept 7 177517750907
pleasant weather for
the Season all Still

Friday Sept 8 177517750908
Fair weather all Still

Saturday Sep 9 177517750909

Paraded In order to pas muster but
did not for the Muster Rols ware
Not finished the Regt was Difmisd
And about 150 Got back of the
Camp and voted that they would
Not do no duty till they had thir
Wages at Night a party was drawn
to go upon Guard & they Refused to
go but with Great persuasion they

Sunday Sept 10 177517750910

Pleasant weather Some Cannon
fired from Roxbury this morning
Brother John Listed for Cannady
And 20 more of Capt Lunts Compan
Under the Comand of Coll Greene In
Capt wards Company

Monday Sept 11 177517750911

Cool this morning wind at N[?]
blowd hard Past muster in the
Afternoon Six Reguars and a
Serjent ware taken at Dochester

Tuesday Sept 12 177517750912
Pleafant weather for the Seafon
No remarks to Day

Wednesday Sep 13 177517750913

Coll Green Regt Marchd form
Cambrige to Newbury Port
to Embark for Canady Arnold
Lieut Coll Major Biggelow
Capt ward Comd the Company
that the Newbury men In
listed In

Thursday Sept 1417750914

the whole Brigade paraded
& mand the Lines then Returned
to our Quarters one Rifle man
Accidently killd by a Guns going

Friday Sept 15 177517750915

Fair weather this morning wind
Blowd very hard at SW a
Man was Shot through the body
at plowd hill by a Guns Difcha

Satterday Sept 16 177517750916

Cloudy this
morning a Regular Deserted
and Came to the white house
Guard he ftood
with another of his Comrades
and askd him to let him
See his Gun

after he had turnd out the
primer and Spit in the pan
of his own he took the other
and Ran as fast as his Legs
woud Carry him his partner
Snapt Several times at him

Sunday Sep 17 177517750917

Rain Last night Cloudy this
Morning heard the Revd Mr.
Cleavnen preach from Acts
3 Chapp 19 Verfe Some Cannon
fired from Roxbury both
Sides all Still at Bunkers

Monday Sept 18 177517750918

Cloudy this Morning and very
Foggy pleasant In the Afternoon
A Continual firing with Canno

At Roxbury all Day and one
Cannon Difchargd at prospect hill
to a Ship In Charlestown River
Went upon Guard at plowd hill

Tuesday Sept 1917750919

Verry Pleasat wether firing at [Boston/Roxbu?]
this morning one bum Shell hove
to plowt hill this forenoon In the
Afternoon about 4 o'clock They hove
another Shell Mr. Wesko[rn/m] & I was
about a Rood from where It fell but
It did no Damage come of.
Guard from plowd hill

Wednesday Sept 20 177517750920

Stormy Wind at North Laght
night a Regular Desferted to
our Guard

Pleafant this Afternoon firing
from Bunkers hill to plowd
hill & hove 3 shells but did
no Damage our people
Give them one Shot to Bunkers
hill from prospect one of Coll
[Primis?] Men Sat In the pillery
for taking a false oath

Thirsday Sept 21 177517750921

Very Cool Last night & this morning
to Day our people entrenchd
betwixd prospect hill & plowed
hill up to Cambridge all Day
the fired Cannon all the after
noon from bunkers hill wounded
two of Coll Dolittle men brook
one of the mens thigh and took the
Calf of the others Leg of our people
Deshargd to [pecees?] of Cannon
at Bunkers hill

Friday Sept 22 177517750922

pleafant this morning about 1 o Clock the
W at NE & very Stormy this Afternoon
a Continual firing from all the Ships
for about half an hour It being Cronnation
Day Some firing from bunkers hill
to our people but did no Damage up
to Cambrige all Day but my foot
at night very Bad

Saturday Sept 23 177517750923

Wind at NW Verry Cooll this morning
twenty four marblehead men whipt
& Drum'd out of Cambridge for
Difsobedience of Orders Some firing
from bunkers hill with Cannon
hove 3 bum Shells but did no
damage Up to Cambridge all

Sunday September 24 177517750924

Verry Cool this morning Still all
this forenoon In the afternoon a
false alarm up to mifs Daviss
all Day drank Some Tory
the first that I have drank
this 5 months

Monday Sept. 25 177517750925

In the forenoon went to the Camps
& Stayd till night then
went to Mrs. Davisis Some
Shells hove to plowd hill
but did no damage

Tuesday Sept 26 177517750926

pleafant Weather all Still this
forenoon up to Cambridge all
Day Some firing In the Afternoon

Wednesday Sept th 27 177517750927
Nothing Remarkable Up to
Cambrige all Day

Thirsday Sept th 28 177517750928

Set out for Newbury Port Stopd at
Capt Simmons all Night then
In the morning at 10 o Clock
Set out for Newbury Port

[No entries from September 29 to October 8]

Tuesday October th 917751008
out for Cambridge Got to
Symond's to day

Tuesday October th 917751009
out for Cambridge Got to
Symond's to day

Tuesday Octo th 9 [actually October 10]17751010
out for Cambridge Got to
Symond's to day

Wednesday Octo 10 [actually the 11th]17751011

Set out
from Symonds & Got to the
Camps about Sun Set this
Evening & very heavy Rain

& hale attended with very
heavy thunder & Sharp Lightni
It held about 2 hours

Thirsday October 1217751012

a fine
Cooll air this morning W
at NW Nothing Remark
able Recievd one months pay

Friday Octo 1317751013
Very Cooll this Day Enter
Into the Carpenters Gang

Saturday October th 1417751014
Pleafant Weather

Sunday Octobe th 1517751015
to work all Day upon

Monday Octo 1617751016

Nothing Remarkable
this morning In the Aftenn Mark

Noyes Departed this Life
Belonging to our Regt.

Tuesday Octo 1717751017

Pleafant Weather to work
on Barracks In the After
noon two of the Soldiers
Whipt for Denying Duty
& one Deferted Into the

Wednesday Octo th 1817751018

Pleafant Weather
Las night our people went
down Cambridge River
with two floating Batteries
to alarm the Enemy
one of the pieces Split &
killd two & wounded

Several more this morning
Goodwin of Capt Lunts
Company took 5 Stripes
for mutiny & Getting drunk
two of our people Deferted

Thirsday Octo 1917751019
dirty Weather Nothing New

Friday Octo 2017751020
W a S East to work
on Barracks all Still

Saturday 2117751021

Very Stormy
& plenty of Rain Wind
at S East at home In
our tents all day

Sunday Octo th 2217751022

Blustering Weather W at SE

one Ship & two transport
Came In to Boston three
of our Soldiers whipt &
one drumd out of Cambridge
to work upon Barracks

Monday Octo 2317751023

Very fogy this morning mov'd
Into our new Barracks up In
the fort on Prospect hill
to Day Listing Orders Came
out for another Year

Tuesday Octo 24 177517751024

Pleasant Weather Nothing
Remarkable to work on

Wednesday Octob. th 2517751025

fine pleasant Weather Some
Movements to day our people
Give the Emy one Short
but the did not Anfwer us
Verry Cold this Evening a
Good pardner would not
be amifs

Thirsday O. 2617751026

Plasant this morning to
work upon Barracks In the
Afternoon went to Cambridge
& then Wyat & I went to
Menotomy & drank Coffy to

Friday Octo 2717751027

Nothing New this morning
pleasant Weather In the
Afternoon Some Rain

Saturday October th 2817751028
foul Weather this morning
W at N East Wrote a Letd

Sunday Octo th 2917751029

Pleasfant Weather this
Morning a Regular
Serjent Deferted
to work on Barrack In th
forenoon In the Afternoon
up to mother Davises

Monday Octob 30 177517751030
Nothing Remarkable to
work on Barracks

Tuesday Octo th 31st17751031

this morning Shadriach
Ireland took 5 Lashes for
Disobedience of Orders he
Belong'd to Capt Bernad
In Coll Littles Regt
to work on Barracks

Wednesday Novem.b th 1st17751101

Pleafant Weather to
work on Barracks Recd
one months pay for Brother
John & one months pay
for Bapson

thirsday November th 217751102
Pleafant Weather to work
on Barracks

Friday Novemb th 317751103
Stormy Wind at N East
No work to Day

Saturday November th 417751104

Clear Weather this morning Some
firing Yestarday from a Ship
that ariv'd from London Writing all

Sunday Novem th 517751105

Weather this morning to work on
Barracks In the forenoon In the
Afternoon Rain firing from all
the Ships & Castle being powder
plot Day

Monday November the 617751106

Cloudy all Day to
work on Barracks

a Ship arrivd at Boston

Tuesday Nov th 717751107

Stormy all day No work
to Day but washing &

Wednesday Nov th 8 177517751108

Plefant Weather to work on
Barracks to Day Nathan
Martin was Whipt for
Stealing Stone Buttons &
Drumd out of the Regt

Thirsday Nov th 917751109

Foul Weather to work on
Barracks In the forenoon
Dind about half After 12 o Clock

Just as we had done eating
there was an alarm by Reafon
of about one thousand of
Regulars Landing upon Leach
Moors point they Came from
Bunkers hill & went over
Boston Tide Back of a Ship
that Lie In Range of our
fort there was about 2 hundred
Stood by the [?]arey While the
Others drovd about 12 Cattle
to the water Side & put them
In their Boats our people fired
from Prospect hill & Sent of
a party over the Bridge but
the tide Being very high

they made of to their Boats
Whith the Lofs of Some of
their Men & two of ours
Wounded & one taken presioner
Verry Much Rain this

Friday Nov th 1017751110

Rainy this morning W
at NE Last night twenty
Sal of transports & Ships
of war were Comming in
Boston Bay this morning
A Regular Deferted

Saturday Novemb th 1117751111
Pleafant weather to work on

Sunday November th 12 177517751112

Very Cold but Pleafant
W at N West to work on Barraks

Monday Novemb th 13 177517751113

Pleafant Wind at N West to
work on Barraks Recievd one
months pay

Tuesday Novr th 1417751114

Last night Exspectd an
alarm Laid on our Arms writing
In the forenoon to work on

Wednesday Novr th 1517751115

Verry Stormy Wind at N East
two Regulars Deferted & Came to
our Camps today an Exprefs Came
to Cambrige that one Regt

of Regulars were Cast away betwixt
Philidelppa & Newyork Writing
all Day

Thirsday Novr th 1617751116

Fair Weather one Regular
Deferted Last night Yestarday
Mr. Pidgin was taken upon
Suspiceon & Confind to Quarters

Friday Novr th 1717751117

Pleafant Weather for the
Season to work on Barracks

Saturday Novr th 1817751118
fair weather to work on

Sunday Novr the 1917751119

fine weather Nothing
Remarkable to work on Barracks

Monday Novr 2017751120

Pleafant Weather to work on the
Barracks all day at night about
ten o Clock wee ware alarmd
by the Lower Centuries firing at
a boat Coming by Leachmores

Tuesday Novr th 2117751121
Cloudy all day Snow air to work
on Barracks

Wednesday Novr th 2217751122
pleasant Weather
to work on Barracks

Thirsdy Novr 2317751123

pleafant Weather to work In
the forenoon Dind upon turkey
to day It being thanksgiving
Last night had a verry Grand
Supper upon Turkey & geefe

Friday Nov th 2417751124

Pleafant Weather to work
on Barracks Laght Night
A part of General putman
Brigade Intrenchd uppon Cobbs
hill all Still Saturday

Saturday Novr th 2517751125

Fine weather
for Buisnefs this morning
A bout 8 O Clock wee ware
Alarmed by the Lower
Centinels firing upon the
Enemy the whole Brigade
Mand the Lines for about
half an hour & then Ropaird
to our Quarters being Dis[arg?]
by the General

Sunday Novr th 2617751126
Stormy all day Wind at N
West to work on Barracks

Monday Novr th 2717751127
pleasant weather to work on

Tuesday Nov the 2817751128
[?] Weather to work
on Barracks

Wednesday Novr 2917751129

Clear weather
But Cold to work on Barracks
two Regulars Deferted &
Come to our Centinels

Thirsday Novr 30th17751130
Pleafant weather to work on

Friday Decemr th 117751201
Cloudy all day to work on

Saturday Decemr 217751202

Good weather to work on
Barracks In the forenoon
In the afternoon went to
Cambridge & took a view of
the war Stores that was
taken by a privatear out
of Capeand

Sunday Decemr th 317751203
to work on

Monday Dec 417751204

Listed Set out for home Monday
[no entries for December 5 to December 17]

Decemr 1817751218
Set out for
Cambridge after twelve day

Tuesday Decemr 1917751219
Upon the Road Lodgd at

Wednesday Decemr th 2017751220

Got In to the Camps
Very Cold to day 3 bumbs hove
from bunkers hill

Thirsday Decemr th 2117751221
to work on barrack

Friday Decemr th 2217751222
to work
on Barracks verry Cold

Saturday Decemr 2317751223

from Duty today had our
Arms priz'd Verry Blustering

Sunday Decemr 2417751224
to work on Barrack a very
Severe Snow Storm to day

Monday Decem 2517751225


Verry dull Christmas nothing to
Eat nor drink to work on Barrk

Tuesday Decr 2617751226
to work
on Barraks

Wednesday Decr 2717751227
to work

Thirsday Decr 2817751228

Verry Cold to work on Barra
Last night no Sleep by
Reafon of our people making
An attempt to go on Bunkr
hill about four thousand
wint down In order to attack
the enemy upon all Quarters
but were obligd to Return back
the [Pod?] not [burning ?]

Friday Decr th 2917751229
Recivd one months pay to
work on Barracks

Saturday Dec th 3017751230

Up to Cambridge Rain In
the Afternoon firing at boston

Sunday 3117751231
the Last
day of our old Inlistment

Entered Into the new Estate
Went Into our Company

Nothing New

Wednesday January th 317760103

took twenty 5 shilling for the
Coat Pleasant weather 3 of
our Company put under Guard.
Went to the Generals & plead th[?]

them of

Thirsday Janr th 417760104

Rating Orders In the forenoon
In the Afternoon the Brigade
Mand the Line dirty under

Friday Janury 5 177617760105
Nothing Remarkable

Saturday Jan th 617760106

Last night John Nolladay
Departed this Life Nothing
New to day

Sunday Jan 717760107
Moovd from our tents Into
the Barracks

Monday Jan 817760108

Nothing New upto Camb
In the Afternoon at Night
Capt Lunt Set out for
Philidelphia with a

Company of an 100 Men
together with General Lee
& Life Guard

Tuesday Jan 917760109

Last night a party
of about 500 Men went down
to Charlestown neck & Set a
bout 12 houses a fire & brought of
3 presioners & killd one not
one of ours hurt to day writing
In Barracks

Wednesday Jan 1017760110
Pleafant weather Nothing Remark

Thirsday Janr 1117760111
Weather all well

friday Janr th 1217760112

Sunday Janr 1417760114
Pleafant weather Nothing [?]

Monday Janry 1417760115
Weather for Season

Tuesday Jan 1617760116

Nothing Remarkable Cloudy
Weather Wind at N. East
this Afternoon Some movements
Difcovd by our General Parker
& had our arms viewd & orders
to Lay with our Cloathes on
Expecting to be alarmd before
Morning this afternoon
Richard Goodwin of Capt Lunts
Company took fifteen Lashes
for Stealing

Wednesday January th 17 177617760117
Nothing Remarkable to day

Thirsday Jan 1817760118

pleasant weather In The
Afternoon had the news
of General Montgomerys
Defeat at Canady with the
Lofs of him & aidi Camps
& a number of Men

Friday Jan 1917760119

night a Regular Century
Deferted & Came to Guard

Saturday Jan 2017760120
Nothing Remarkable
to day

Sunday Janu th 2117760121

A Writing General Orders
In the forenoon In the after
noon Mr. Marsh & Mr.
Mullikin & I went down
to Cobell hill took a veiw
of the works

Monday Januar th 2217760122
Pleasant Weather

Tuesday Januar th 2317760123
Nothing New begun to man
the Lines

Wednesday Jan 2417760124
Pleasant Weather for the season

Thirsday Janu th 2517760125
Pleafant Weather W at the
S East [?]

Friday Jan 2617760126
Some Rain Cleard of In
the afternoon

Saturday Janua th 2717760127
Nothing Remar

Sunday January th 2817760128
Very Cold Escersiseing In the


Tuesday Janu th 2017760130
Some Snow

Wednesday January th 3117760131
Clear & Pleasant

Thirs. February th 1 177617760201
Snow very Cold

Friday Febru 217760202
nothing Remarkable

Saturday February 317760203

Pleasant Weather Wind
at N West Samll Wyatt
And I went acrost mistick

River to Chelsa upon
Nodles Island had a
fair view of Boston

February th 417760204
pleasant but
Cold at Barracks all day

Monday Februar th 517760205

Pleasan Weather In the
Afternoon about 100 Regulars
from Bunkers hill took 3
heifers from Charlestown

Tuesday Februy th 617760206
Nothing New

Wednesday Febru th 717760207
Very Cold W at N West
Nothing New

Thirsday February th 817760208

last night a party Sett the mill
a fire In Charlestown

Friday February th 917760209
Verry Foggy Wind at N East

Saturday Febru th 1017760210

to day Benjm George was
Whipt ten Lashes for Deserting

Sunday February th 1117760211
Clear Weathe very Cold W at
N West

Monday Febr th 1217760212
fair weather but Cold

Tuesday Februar th 1317760213
Nothing Remarkable

Wednesday February th 1417760214

This morning Betwixt 4 &
6 O Clock a party of the
Enemy Came out uppon Doche
ster point and Sett 3 houses
a fire & took 3 men belonging
to Dochester Some Snow
to Day

thirsday February th 1517760215
Nothing Remarkable fair

Friday February th 1617760216
Nothing New Pleasant weather

Saturday Febr 1717760217
Verry Cold Wind at N West

Sunday F 1817760218
Nothing Remarkable

Monday Feb. th 1917760219
Pleasant Weather Nothing New

Tuesday Feb 2017760220
Moderate Weather W at SWest

Wednesday Feb 2117760221
Cloudy Wind at SEast
Verry Bad

Thirsday Feb th 2217760222

Friday Feby th 2317760223

Saturday Febry th 2417760224
Went to Wartertown with Mr.

Sunday Feb 2517760225
Pleasant Weather

Monday Febry the 2617760226

Pleasant Weather this day
Recev'd 4 Months pay for
the Last Campain

Tuesday Feby th 2717760227

dirty Weather Wind at NE
Last night the Enemy pute
Down the Steeple of a
meeting house In New boston

Wednesday Feby th 2817760228
Weather all the Women
Orderd out of Camps

Thirsday Feby 2917760229
of Cold We at NWest

Friday March th 1st 177617760301
Nothing New pleasant weather

Saturday March th 217760302

Still Pliasant weather Last
Night the Cannonading began
at 11 Oclock and heald without
Sifsation till 8 O Clock in the
Morning [sp?]lit two morters one
13 Inch and one 10 Inch

Sunday March th 317760303

Morning the Enemy heve a shell
Into the Citadel went through
the platform where there was
a 24 pounder

Monday March the 417760304

Last night the Cannonding
began about 9 O Clocke &

& held till 7 o Clock this
Morning The Congrefs Split
at the Chamber Good Encourag
Ment to split 3 Mortars In
two Nights Cannonading

Tuesday March th 517760305

Last night about 8 o Clock
the Cannonading began &
heald till Sunrise our people
Intrenc'd upon Dorchester
hills Last night one man
killd with a Shell & two
Wounded, belonging to a
Party Comd by Leut burbank
On Leach mores point

this morning Our Regt.
Was drawd out to go Into
Boston Marchd with all
Our Accutrements at 8 O
Clocke to the Grand parade
from thence was to embark
In to the Boats Waited 4
hours for the motion of the
Enemy & finding they were
not Comeing out we
Were Difmisd about 4 OClock

Wednesday March the 617760306

Last nigh a verry heavy

Gale of Wind the wind at
So West Cleard of this

Thirsday March th 717760307
Rainy weather very
high wind Last night

Friday March th 817760308

Verry Wet & Rainy Some
Movement In Boston is thought
They [?]and a Going Of

Saturday March th 917760309
Pleasant weather this morning
Nothing is New

Sunday Mar th 1017760310

Last night a Continual fire
Was kep up at Dochester

the Enemy Killd 4 of our men
With firing [g80?] Cannon shot

Monday Mar th 1117760311

firing Last night but did
No Damage the Regulars are
upon a Moveing Order

Tuesday March th 1217760312
Peaceable a Continual Light
ning In the West

March the 1317760313
Nothing New

March th 1417760314

Friday March th 1517760315
Some rain

Saturday March th 16 177617760316
Some firing from Roxbury

Sunday March th 1717760317

Last night our people
Intenchd upon Dchester
point also one of Colo
Pattersons Barracks Bir[?]host
Last night this morning
our Brigade was all under
Arms the Signal was
hoisted at Roxbury &
at 9 O Clock Colo Mifflin
Sent two men on Bunke
hill & found that the
Enimy had Left It

at 10 OClock the Shipping
Movd Down against the
Castle Immedeately our
Troops took pofsession of
Bunker hill & Boston
9 months to a day Since
It was taken from us

Monday March th 1817760318

Went down to Charlestown
& Veiwd the Works on
Bunkers hill

Tuesday March th 1917760319

Strict orders that no man
Shall go in to Boston

Without a pafs from the

dMarch the 1317760320
Nothing New

Wednesday March th 2017760320

Last night
upon Fatige all night
the enemy Burnt th
Block house upon th

Thursday March the 2117760321
Verry Cold Some

Friday March th 2217760322

Pleasant Weather
this forenoon Parson
Noble Give us a Sermon
from 1 Johns th 2434

Saturday March th 2317760323
Verry Stormy Wind at N East

Sunday March th 2417760324
Very Cold Wind at NWest

Monday March th 2517760325
Nothing New Pleasant

Tuesday March th 2617760326
All Still Pleasant

Wednesday March th 2717760327

Verry Cold
To day General Howes
fleet Saild from Boston
Bay upwards of 100 Saels

Thirsday March th 2817760328

Pleasant weather but
Verry Cold our Regt went
uppon Fatigue at Charlesto

Friday March th 2917760329

Pleasant weather Wind
at North West to Day
had a Ramble all over
Boston with Mr. Pilsbury
Orders out for to March
Monday morning Next

Saturday March th 3017760330
[No entry other than the date]

Sunday March 31 177617760331
Some Snow W at S East

Monday April th 117760401

this forenoon preparing for
a March Got ready &
paraded about 12 O
Clock this Day March
to Dedham 8 Miles
from Boston Lodgd at a
private house well Enter

Tuesday Aprirll th 217760402

Set out from Dedham at
Sun Rise March through
Walpole to Rentham
about 7 oClocke

Well Entertaind with a
Supper of Choclate & a
Straw Bed at Mr. Halls

Wednesday April the 317760403

Set out from Mr.
Halls at Sun Rise Marcd
to Attlebourough Before
Brekfast 5 Mile Set out
Upon a March & Dind
apposite patucket falls at
Mr Somes house
March from there about
3 oClock Got Into
Provedince at 5 oClock
& the joind our Brigade

With Genl Sullivans
Very Bad marching &
Very Rainy Wind at
N East Lodgd our
Arms at Mr
& Cookd 2 Days provisions

Thirsday Aprill th 417760404

Waited in Providence
to Day Verry Windy
to Day General Sulliva
Brigade Marchd from
Provigence our Regt
Paraded Lodgd at Mr

Onys house

Friday th 517760405

General Green's brigade
Paraded to Receive his
Excellency General
Washington also the
Cadet Company with th
Light Infantry &
Grenadiers Escorted him
through th town


this Day Marchd from
Provedence between 10 & 11 O
Clocke March'd to Situate

Sunday April th 717760407

Marchd from Situate to plain
field very Stormy all Day
& Bad Marching through the

Monday Aprill th 817760408

Marchd from plainfied 4
Miles before Brekfast Got
Into Norwich at 5 oClocke

Tuesday Aprill th 917760409

Marchd from Norwich at
12 oClocke Made a Stop at
Mohagen 7 Miles Got Into
New London at 5 o Clocke

Wednesday Aprill th 1017760410

Made up our Regt In new
London Colo Reads &
Colo: Bayleys Embarkd
for New York Colo Wick
& Colo Vernums Regt
Came Into this town

Thirsday Aprill th 1117760411
Verry Windy kep at Mrs.
Harris House in New

Friday Aprill th 1217760412
Some Rain Last night

Saturday Aprill th 1317760413

Some Rain to Day

Last night Laid on Board
the Brigg this morning
Pleasant Weather Breakfast at
Mrs. Harris's

Sunday Aprill th 1417760414

this Morning Set Saill
for New York Wind at
N East Capt Warner
Comnany & Capt Dodges
& Capt Perkins on Board
the Brigg Polly Capt Dodge
Master from New London
Pleasant Morning all In
Good Spirits with 15 other
Transports keep in Company

With them till about 11 o
Clock the Wind Shiffted & headed
Us we beat till 8 oClock at
Night & then Come to an
Anchor of Long Island

Monday April th 1517760415

Pleasant Weather Wind at
S West Wiaghtd Anchor
About 6 oClock & beat till
10 got 3 Mile a head & then
Down Anchor at 11 OClock
had a pleasant Gale at
W by South Weighd our
Anchor & made Milford

Tuesday Aprill th 1617760416

Some Rain Last night

This Morning Weighd our
Anchor Stormy weather
had a fair Wind at NE
about 10 O Clock Some of
our fleet Come up with us
Come through hell Gate at 1 O
Clock Got Into the harbour of
New York at 2 O Clock
Landed & Went Into Barrack
Near the Golden horse

Wednesday Aprill th 1717760417
Pleasant Weather Dind
at our Barracks

Thirsday Aprill 1817760418

Nothing Remarkable this

Afternoon an Exsprefs Came
from Canady

Friday Aprill th 1917760419

to Day four Regts
Embarkd for Albany to go
to Quebeck

Satarday April 2017760420
pleasant Weather Nothing

Sunday Aprill 2117760421

Brigadier Genell Thompsin
with [Bonds Gorotons
Poors?] J Pattersons Regt
Embarkd for Quebecke

Monday Aprill th 2217760422

Some Rain Last night
Cleard of this morning pleasant

Tuesday Aprill 2317760423
Pleasant Weather

Wednesday April th 2417760424

Thirsday Aprill th 2517760425
Warm No Remarks to Day

Friday Aprill th 2617760426

Saturday Aprill 27 [?]17760427
Regt turnd out for Execifi

Sunday Aprill th 2817760428

Publick Worship heard th
Revd Doctor Rogers preach from
th 2 of Timothy 2d Ch 3d Verse

Monday Aprill th 2917760429
Remarks to Day

Tuesday Aprill th 2017760430
Pleasant Weather

Wednesday May th 1st17760501

No Remarks to Day
[Here journalist begins separating days by a line between the entries.]

Thirsday May 2d17760502

Embarkd between the entries for each
On Board th Sloop Lively day
for Long Island Landed about
10 O Clock picthd our Tents
On a plain bewixd two

Friday May th 317760503

a party
of four hundred Men for fatigue
Cald for Out of our Brigade

Saturday May th 417760504
No Remarks to Day

Sunday May th 517760505

Publick Worship In th Afternoon
At the Ducth Church In Long

Monday May th 617760506

Lieut Ward Got In to th
Camps Brought the News
of Sister Sarahs Death

Tuesday May 7th17760507

Rainy Weather W at N East
Uncomforttable Lodging in Tents

Wednesday May 8th17760508
Weather W at NE

Thirsday May th 9 177617760509
Cleard of Pleasant verry warm

Friday May th 1017760510
Warm Nothing New

Saturday May th 1117760511

Pleasant Weather over to

New York In the Afternoon

Sunday May th 1217760512

Pleasant weather attendad
Public worhip heard th
Revd. Mr. Davids preach
from Joshua th lst Chap &
3 Vers In the Afternoon our
Chaplain from th 54 Psalm
& lst Verfe

Monday May th 13 177617760513
Plasant Weather

Tuesday May th 1417760514

Nothing Remarkable th
Regt Musterd took two month

Wednesday May th 15 177617760515

Pleasant Weather No Rema
rks to Day Last Night
[had a Six Dollar Bill
taken out of my Pocket
[This entry scratched out]

Thirsday May th 1617760516
Verry Warm Nothing

Friday May th 17 177617760517

Verry Pleasant this morning
to a fast appointed by th
Continental Congrefs

Saturday May th 1817760518
Verry Stormy all Day

Wind at N East

Sunday May th 1917760519
Verry Stormy all Day

Wind at N East

Monday May th 2017760520
Weather for the Season

Tuesday May th 2117760521
Nothing Remarkable

Friday May th 2417760522
No Remarks to Day

Saturday May th 2517760523
Pleasant Weather Nothing new

Friday May th 2417760524
No Remarks to Day

Saturday May th 2517760525
Pleasant Weather Nothing new

Sunday May th 2617760526

Attended publick Worship
all Day at night verry
Showery attended with thunde
& Lightoning Lodgd at Mrs.

Monday May th 27 177617760527
Pleasant after Plenty of Rain

Tuesday May th 2817760528
Very Cooll weather No Remark

Wednesday May th 2917760529

Pleasant Weather Mr. Little &
Capt Kent Came from home

to New York

Thirsday May th 3017760530
No Remarks to Day

Friday May th 31 177617760531
Nothing New

Saturday June th 1st17760601

Last nigt two Ships of
the Line Came to anchor of
against Sandy hook

Sunday June th 217760602
Verry Cooll Some Rain
Last night

Monday June 317760603
Rainy Weather Wind at NE

Tuesday June th 417760604

Night a party of Men 150

Commd by Lieut Colo: Cund
March'd down the Island
In order to Discover the
Torys It being King George's
Birth Day

Wednesday June th 517760605
Pleasant Weather

Thirsday June th 617760606
Rain Last night Verry Cooll

Friday June th 717760607
No Remarks to Day

Saturday June th 817760608

To Day Genl Wafhington
Arriv'd from Philadelphia
to New Yorke

Sunday June th 917760609
Verry Warm Weather
Attended Public Worship

Monday June th 1017760610

Verry warm this forenoon about
2 oClock a heavy Thunder Shower
Attended with Sharp Lightning

Tuesday June 1117760611
Mr. Little
Left the Camps pleasant
after Rain

Wednesday June th 1217760612
Nothing New Pleasant

Thirsday June th 1317760613
Verry Hot & Sultry

Friday June 1417760614
No Remarks to Day

Saturday June th 1517760615
Pleasant Weather Nothing

Sunday June th 1617760616

A fine Shower of Rain
Last night this morning
32 Men of th 12 Regt
Join'd the Regt. of artillery
at New York

Monday June th 17 177617760617

this Day 12 Months Since
bunker hill fight Major
Shurburn Got In to New york
from Canada

Tuesday June th 18 177617760618

Recievd our Wages for the month
of Aprill No Remarks today

Wednesday June th 1917760619

fine Weather pleasant Showers
The people begin to Cut their

Thirsday June th 2017760620
New Pleasant weather

Friday June th 2117760621

Verry warm
A Detachment Marchd from
our brigade to Guard a numb
of Prisoners taken from a
Transport by th York [Prieater?]
20 Officers 40 Highlanders

Saturday June th 2217760622

22 A
Detachment of 30 Privates &
a Subaltirn Orderd to march 6
Mile Down the Island after
the Lord Mayor of the City of

New York they Returd about
3 oClock th nex morning with
the Presioners

Sunday June th 2317760623

Night the Difcovery of the
Plot Laid to Destroy the
Maginzines & Genl Washington
Was Made by Several persons
belonging to th Life Guard

Monday June th 2417760624
Weather Went to new york

Tuesday June th 2517760625

Last night
a Detachment of 300 Men
Confsisting of a Liut Colo & Mjor
C Capt 18 Liut March'd

from the parade Down the
Island In order to Desperse
the Torys Who had formd them
felves In Defence of th Kings
Troops 30 Mile up th Island

Wednesday June th 26 177617760626
Pleasant Weathe Nothing new

Thirsday June th 27 177617760627
Verry hot Weather & Dry

Friday June th 2817760628

this Day Thomas Hickey
Was Excuted for Tretchery
at new York In the midst
of 1000 Troops this Day
Arivd at the Hook 20 Sail

of Transports

Saturday June 2917760629

Last night afatigue party
Consisting of 200 Privates
As Voluntiers went Intrenching

Sunday June th 30 177617760630

Verry Warm to Day th whole
Brigade turn'd out uppon
Fatigue 100 Sail of Ships
& Tranports arrivd at Sandy
hooke with Gen How.l from

Monday June th 117760701

Genl How Sent a flagg of
Truce & Demanded th

City of new Yorke

Tuesday June th 2 177617760702

Verry hot Muggy weathr
In th Afternoon a Light
Shower of Rain N at West

Wednesday July 3 177617760703

Verry warm this Morning
an alarm from new york
Ocasiond by the fleets coming
Up through the narraws
about 150 Tall anchor'd und
er Statons Island the whole
of our Brigade turn'd out reddy
to Receve them & Sent of a
Picquet of 200 hundred men

to Red Hook

Thirsday July 4 177617760704

Last night Capt Frothingham
With a Compy of [W?]rain & two
9 pounders were fent to the
Narrows to Cannonade Several
Ships that Li[?]hi[?] to get
In a Battallion of Militia from
New Jersey

Friday July th 517760705

Several more
transports Joind the fleet at
Statons Island Capt Frothingham
Drove of the ships & tooke 4 Prision

Saturday July th 617760706
Nothing new

Sunday July the 717760707
In Camps
all Day No Remarks to Day

Monday Jul th 817760708

to Day 300 of the New jersey
Levies Joind th brigade

Tuesday July th 917760709
No remarks to Day Some Rain
In th affternoon

Wednesday July th 1017760710

Pleasat Weather bu Verry warm
In th afternoon th brigade
turn'd out with their arms
In order to have the Declaration
of the Continentall Congrefs
Declaring americ an Indipendant
State Colo: Hitchcock Read it
to th Whole & then were Dismiss
by three Chears

Thirsday July th 1117760711

Cloudy this morning Some
firing from Red Hook at boats
Sounding below Goven Island

Friday July th 12th17760712

Weather Wind at S West
2 Ships of War the Avia &
[Phenix?] Weig'd Anchor &
Came by the City of New
York & Came to Anchor
In th Bay 30 Mile up the
North River thi Cannon
ade begun about 4 oClock
& Continued till they got
by all th Forts 5 of Our
Artilliry Men were killd
by our own Cannon

Saturday July th 13 177617760713

All Still Last Evening
Vice Admiral How ariv'd at
Staten Island

Sunday July th 1417760714

Weather this forenoon Came
A flagg of Truce from Adm.l
How but was not Excepted

Monday July 15 177617760715

Recev'd our Wages for the Mon
of May a flagg Sent to
Genl Washington & Demanded
th City of New York

Tuesday July 1617760716

Pleasant for the Season 1 Dolar
added to my Wages

Wednesday July th 17 177617760717
No Remarks to Day Pleasant weathr

Thirsday July th 1817760718
Cloudy Verry windy

Friday July th 1917760719

Some Rain Last night
attended with very Sharp Lightning

Saturday July th 2017760720

To Day
Genl How & Genl Washington
had a Conference at the City
of New Yorke

Sunday July th 2117760721
Clody Some
Showers of Rain

Monday July the 2217760722
No Remarks to Day

Tuesday July th 2317760723
Verry Warm Nothing Remarkable

Wednesday July th 24 177617760724
[no entry]

Thirsday July th 2517760725
Moody Montgomery Came into

Friday July th 2617760726

Las night a verry heavy thunder
Shower attend with Sharp Light

Saturday July th 2717760727
[no entry]

Sunday July the 2817760728

Last night a Continuel
firing of Small arms for
half an hour Occasiond

by a number of Boats pafsing
by Governers Island

Monday July th 2917760729
Remarks to Day

Tuesday July th 3017760730

Last night a verry Severe
thunder Storm attended with
Sharp Lightning. It begun
at 9 oClock & Continued till
12 OClock

Wednesday July th 3117760731

A Party of twenty men was
Detach'd from Colo Littles
Regt. to go on board th [Rone?]

Gallies at new yorke

Thirsday August th 1st 177617760801
Some Ships & transports arivd

Friday August th 2 177617760802

Pleasant Weather W a SW
In th Afternoon 6 [Rone?] Gallies
Went up the north River to
Attack the Ships th kept u[p?]
a Continual fire for an hour
& a haff & then Retreated with
the Lofs of 2 or 3 Men two of our
Regt. Wounded one mortally

Saturday Aust th 317760803
Nothing Remarkable

Sunday August th 417760804
Attend bubpick Worship all Day

Monday August th 517760805
Colo Grays Regt Joind our
Brigade N

Tuesday August th 617760806
Nothing Remarkable

Wednesday August 7 177617760807

Yestarday ariv'd At Statonisland
Clinton with his Troops and Sir
Peter Parkers fleet

Thirsday August th 817760808

Cloudy this morning
to day the whole brigade musterd
& Mar'chd Down the Island

Friday August th 9th17760809
Nothing Remarkable

Saturday August th 1017760810
Pleasant Weather Nothing New

Sunday August th 1117760811
Verry warm
Weather Noth Remarkable

Monday Augt 1217760812

this morning about 60 Transports &
Ships arrived at Statons Island

Tuesday August th 1317760813
all Still

Wednesday August th 14 177617760814

Genl Heards Brigade Joind Genl
Greens Noro Genl Nixsons
Genl. Green appointed Maj Genl

Thirsday th 1517760815

Exspected the Enemy to make an
attack orderd to turn out Early
& tarry till 3 oClock but being a
Verry Rainy night Lye very

Friday August th 1617760816
Pleasant after Rain

Saturday August th 1717760817

Night two fine Ships went up th
Noth River In order to Burn
two Ships of War they burnt
one of th [def?]enders & Grapled the
Ships but they cut the Rigging so
that th six Rafs fell astern

Sunday Augst 1817760818

Some Rain
Last night W a NW th two Shipps
Came down the North River a
Verry heavy Cannonade was kept
Up till they past all th Forts

Monday August 1917760819
Cloudy weather
& Verry much Rain

Tuesday August th 2017760820
Cloudy &
Cooll Weather

Wednesday Augt 21 177617760821

Rainy Wether & Verry Sharp
Lightning & heay thunder
Last night

Thirsday August th 2217760822

Much Rain Attended with
heay thunder & Lightning
a Capt & Lt & Serg't killd with
Lightning this morning an
Alarm'd that the Enemy were
Landing about 12000 of
them Landed at the narrans
on Long Island and Marchd
Up as far as flatt Bush
2 Mile & a half from the

Lines A Detachment was
Sent of Immediately Which
Put a Stop to their Marching

Friday August th 2317760823

Pleasant Weather a Reenforement
of 2 Brigades Came from York
firing all Day our Riffle men
killd a Hefsian officer & a Strip'd
him at 6 oClock our Regt.
March'd for flatt Bush

Saturday Augu th 2417760824

Cloudy all night Lye In
the Woods In the morning [Saw?]
their Encampment kept up a
heay fire all Day with

Musketry on both Sides Drove
In their Centires one of Cole
Hitchcocks Sejants Wounded
In the thigh at night Colo
Martin of the Jersy Forces was
Wounded In th Brest at 6 oClock
In the Evening was Relieved
by another Party

Sunday August th 2517760825
Much Rain Last night all still
this Morning

Monday Augst17760826
Pleasant Weath
Went on Guard at flatt Bush

Tuesday August 2717760827

Last night a Continual fire

all night the Regulars advance
uppon our Lines kill a number
& took 600 of our people prison

Wednesday Augst. 2817760828

Lay upon our Arms all night
firing uppon both Sides

Thirsday August 2917760829

Much Rain
th Enemy hove up a Breast worke
Within Gun Shot of our Lines

Friday August 3017760830

Last night
Evacuated Long Island with verry
Much Fatigue Got over to York
at 1 oClock at night

Saturday August 3117760831
Several Ships
Came up oposite Govenors Island

Sunday Sept th 1st17760901
No Remarks
to Day

Monday Sept. 2nd17760902

Last night
Orders Came for our Brigade to
March to Harlem 8 Miles from
th City of New Yorke Arivd at
11 oClock Lodge In a Barn

Tuesday Sept th 317760903
Frigate Came up th East River

Wednesday Sept th 417760904

Encampt at
Bloomingdale Cannonading heavy
at Fort hel Gate

Thirsday Sept 517760905
No Remarks to Day

Friday Sept th 617760906
Pleasant Weather No Remarks to

Saturday Sept 717760907
Verry Rainy Some firing
[Journal ends here]